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VMware Explore, back in Vegas again for the first time since 2018! #VMwareExplore #VMworld

A few years ago, my brother introduced me to Tiny Desk Concerts. It's now part of my regular routine to check what Tiny Desk Concerts have been published on the YouTube channel. Today I found Los Hermanos Gutierrez. Pretty cool stuff. #TinyDeskConcerts

10 years in I am still surprised at how bad window management on MacOS is. Thankfully Apple hardware is beautiful. I always kept a Windows Desktop but this time around my laptop will be Windows too. It was fun while it lasted. #Windows11 #macbook

Interesting times in IT infrastructure and cloud. I love what I do because I get to see the industry from a real world point of view.

Kick off your journey with @VMware Aria! Get started with the new free tier of #VMwareAriaHub powered by #VMwareAriaGraph!🙌

Discover how to gain visibility to all of your workloads.

"If last year was about the vision, this year I am super pumped because we are delivering products". VMware’s “product guy” Raghu Raghuram gives a sneak peak of a couple of today’s major announcements, including vSphere 8! #VMwareExplore

One of my favorite announcements at #VMwareExplore. #VMware Aria is the next chapter in our cloud management story. Check out #VMwareAriaGraph.

I truly hope next year we’ll meet in San Francisco but just because it’s virtual doesn’t make it any less exciting. VMWorld is next week!

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